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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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and to visit the sutro library. >> the inscription on the pedestal of mayor sutro is quite, quite, something to read. it is almost like an inspiration and it tells you a great deal about this man's life. i have an incredibly fond memory of sutro, and it involves a blue and white bathing suit. and in a certain era of san francisco, people were required to rent a blue, and white bathing suit in order to swim in sutro baths. unfortunately they were a little itchy and scratchy and then you had to sit on a sutro
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mat and it has left an impression, and i think that i am still scratching. hopefully i will never stop scratching, but i will always remember fond childhood memories of sutro baths and of the man who created them. so thank you all very much for coming and visiting us in san francisco city hall. and remember that april 5th, of 1913, they turned the first mound of dirt to build this historic building. and in less than three years, the building was complete. and we opened our doors, december 28th. of 1915. so, hopefully you will all get involved in san francisco city hall centennial celebration. it is truly a magnificent building and it has had many,
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many incredible individuals serving as mayor of san francisco. and now, we have adolf in the mix here that was once occupied by willie brown, willie brown has moved upstairs. and there is sutro is here. and i think that this will be his permanent place. so, please, enjoy the inscription that is on the pedestal, and the actual bust is incredible. i watched jonas assemble this and polish this on friday. and i was truly amazed. he is truly a very, very talented sculptor who did an incredible fete for san francisco and for san francisco city hall. thank you, again, for all coming to visit us at city
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hall, please do not be strangers. ?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan
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chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for
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joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways.
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>> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that?
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>> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right. we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a
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little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all
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other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at
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sfquickbites/ see >> good morning, everyone, it is may one, 2013, and i want to thank everybody for taking your time to come celebrate with us. this is the day that we will be launching a month long celebration, for asian pacific heritage month. it is a very special time of the year for some of us because it is really a time that we come together and spend a little bit more time with each other. i was thinking about this when i was driving down to city hall today and i say, mmm, a lot of us see each other during the times of the year. but, just the law of this country, the month of may was designated every year for the special celebration and heritage of asian pacific americans and i am glad that we in san francisco and it is a time for us to come together
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and this celebration every year would not have happened if a committee of volunteers did not come together to plan this. i must say, that you know, the volunteers committee met last november and every year we think about what do we do, how do we bring our people together because as you know they are over 30 ethic groups in the family, so we are a very, very diverse group and when you think about heritage month, we don't think of koreas or filipino or all of the rest. we think about the family. that is special about who we are and we are in a city that welcomes that and in a city with the mayor that is some of our own and we cannot be more proud their mayor lee is here today to have us kick off a whole month of celebration, mayor lee?
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>> thank you, claudene, thank you for your annual work. you and the committee, i know that you get together with everybody months in advance to pull this off and there is an exciting number of events that we have, but let me say, first of all, thank you, to assess recorder carmen for joining us today and our newest supervisor tang for joining us today they are going to be great partners in helping me run this city. also, again, to the committee that there is going to be so many events happening this month, the month of may, for all of you is a very, very busy month. many, many different events. i often go back to that nice musical that i watched many years when i was young camelot
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and they always referred to the lusty month of may there is so much going on, it is spring and a lot of things and the warriors are winning and the giants are winning and so much going on. again, this whole month we get to celebrate all of the things that we do in the city that celebrate diversity in general and focus on our broad, deepening asian community and as she said, even though i am chinese, i love the fact that i can celebrate with the vietnamese and the korean and learn all of the subgroups that are forming that have come here, not only in san francisco, the whole bay area. and we come together, i know, we have a very special event coming up on monday, at the jazz center. which is going to be i think for everybody a first to visit that. and to celebrate and i want to
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thank, the people who have been judging for our themes because it is not just cultural celebrations, they are actually focused this year on the asia contribution to the performing arts. and hopefully that gets me closer to hollywood. because we have a lot of stars in our communities and i know that in this era where we have grown up, certainly my parents did not necessarily put a great focus on the arts. but i know that as families starts establishments and certainly for me and anita, we wanted to make sure that our kids had an appreciate of the arts. we actually forced them to do piano lessons. but then as we grew up, they really appreciated it. because they play and they enjoy it. that is why, my daughters got
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into the youth for asian art at loyal high school yfat and they gave them exposure and i know that katie knows that because she was introduced to it at the same time where the drama and performance complicated their education. and so now arts has become part of the education and because the appreciation of that means that you are even more well rounded in the things that we do. and for many of you who have worked with me in the last couple of years, you know that arts is leading the effort to revitalize market street. the tenderloin, south of market. it is the rising of that and i know that nobody in this room knows better than dr. lisa stevens of the academy of art university, because we look at her business, and it is going because people appreciate the roll of arts in all of our lives. it enriches us. but it is also a great
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profession to become a part of. it is a great point of education the arts is now become a critical partner with technology. and you can't sell products without designing them for people who want to use them. you can't enliven people's enthusiasm without roles in arts. and so, it is part of our business as well. and so, i think that this great contribution of the arts is going to be wonderful and i want to thank dr. stevens and i want to thank richards and wo ng from bay cat from being the three wonderful judges that had the very difficult tasks of selecting these wonderful contributers to our arts programs in the bay area. that will be announced on monday, i believe. so, they don't get to put the pressure on the mayor any more to make those decisions.
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because we always lose, you know, support when we don't have one winner, so we are depending on them. any way, again, that is just one aspect. come, may 18th. we have, of course, the annual 9th street fair asian heritage street fair and that will be here at civic center and again a wonderful celebration of bringing together multicultural asian participation. and those are, that is a lovely, lovely street there because it is one of the largest ones that just keeps building every year and i know that ted fang and the wonderful contributions of his committee is going to be helpful for that. there will be many other events during this month, that again, celebrate asian heritage, cultural arts, performing arts. we have a lot that we are contributing to the whole art scene and all of the united states and i know that this is going on not only in our city.
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but across the country. and i want to take a moment to also give my personal thanks to the corporate sponsors because we could not, we are doing this without government funds, and it becomes invaluable to us. these public, private partnership and i want to give a mean thanks to the target stores to their lead contribution for the third year. and of course, we will work with them on the fourth year because this keeps going and so thank you, target. but there are so many others, of course, art university, and at&t. pg&e. mcdonalds. thank you, cici for being here and of course wells fargo bank are all great contributers to this growing celebration. i also wanted to say that it is not just a celebration, we have a lot of work to do in this country. that is why part of my work, in visiting washington, d.c. last
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week was to work with mayor and represent the mayers of this country to push our country to make sure this month if not the next month, we get comprehensive immigration reform done, because that is part of why immigrants came to this country. we have established ourselves. immigrants from all of the different backgrounds. we have made san francisco one of the most special homes for immigrants. but we need to see our country modernized its immigration laws. we need to see that comprehensive immigration reform done and we need to celebrate more family unification and we need to get the dreamers here so they don't live in the shadows but live full lives. they earn the living that they have because we know, that if people live in shadows they are going to have to be forced to accept the worse conditions for their jobs for their families. but we also know that as soon as someone has a pathway to
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citizenship their check powers and their ability to earn and contribute to the communities grows exponentially and this is part of the work that we need to do as mayers and senator and let's get this done in our life times. if does not happen this year it will not happen in your lifetime. we got to get it done, that is why we were there in washington, d.c. advocating with our partners to do that. that should be part of the way that we celebrate is we work harder to earn the passport for everybody else. i did not become mayor just to celebrate. i also became mayor to keep the doors of opportunity open for future generations. and it means a lot for the whole asian community to be a part of this as well. because, you know what opportunities we seize upon it and then we work it and we open the doors for everybody else.
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and that is how a city becomes successful. because we keep those opportunities opened. so it means, much more than just cultural celebrations. you put in the light of history, and you work it with all of the elected officials and the appointed officials whether they are commissioners and department heads. and we have even more to work in to celebrate and to bring a lot more people involved in it. so, claudine and the committee and all of you who are here to celebrate. let's begin this month and celebrate the fashion and keep the work going and keep the opportunities going and make the month of may to be the greatest month and by the way, i get to celebrate my birthday at the same time. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, mayor lee. so today's press conference is about thanking our sponsors and the exciting announcement of
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the heritage this year. and before i bring up the elected official to address you, i just wanted to take a moment to thank again all serving on the community to put this together especially the team co-chairs. thank you so much for your leadership. and the members of the committee, and we are very small group but you know i think that we come together and we make things happen and that is the most important. so without further adieu, i would like to invite supervisor katie tang. and followed by carmen chiu. >> i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank claudine and all of the hard working volunteers to put the celebrations together. i know how hard you work, as mayor lee was talking about his experience and his daughter
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taking piano lessons especially with the theme this year in honoring at chiefments in the performing arts i was part of the band. and i played the nraout in middle school and high school and at that time it was very cool. and we actually got to the point where we got to perform at carnege hall. and it was a great experience and i don't know what my life would have been without having that in my background. as we are celebrating the performing arts, i want to encourage everyone to incorporate that into their lives and hope that many more generations of people will consider that a part of their childhood growing up as well. and again, i want to thank everybody and we are so lucky to be here in san francisco where we embrace the diversity and accept all sorts of people from all different cultures. so, hopefully, this month will be a great time as many of us are so busy in our lives and i think that having a month where we dedicated to celebrating things such as women history month or asian pacific
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historiage month or small business month, it takes a moment to stop and think about the achievements and celebrate our different culture sos so thank you everybody. >> carmen chiu. >> good afternoon, everybody, san francisco's new assess er. and today i am honored to be with you and i want to thank all of the corporate sponsor and the many volunteers who have helped, year in and year out to put this event together and i want to appreciate you. but i also want to say that i know that this year's theme is about arts, i was not a young person who really did much in terms of arts. i did not play any instruments, probably played the recorder when i was in the second grade and it has not expanded beyond that very much but i think that we can all appreciate what art does and the people who can actually carry that forward and what that really brings and how it enriches all of our lives. i think that in all of our lives we see how the art plays
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into it. when i negotiate with my husband is who is cooking i think that is a little bit more art. when i think about the work that our assessor's office does, it is more art than science in terms of valuing properties and so even in the places where you least expect art and creativity to exist, it does exist. of course we appreciate all of the arts community has to bring. i think that mayor ed lee's point is not only celebrating our accomplishments but thinking about the work that we have to do is an important one. the fact that we have the first mayor who is asian american and let's think about the folks who need advocacy and the folks that are immigrant and need services and still have the rights not yet fully upon them. let's take this month to celebrate and do one other thing, call a senator or call
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someone in congress and say what do you think about immigration policy? let's do something and take one extra step and action this month, to not only recognize what we have done and the people who have done all of the work beforehand to give us these opportunities now. but what we can do to help the next generation forward. so today i just wanted to thank you and ask you to do one other thing to really help promote the asian american community and just the cultural diversity in this country. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, katie. so, at this point i would like to invite our major sponsors to give their remarks and we want to support this and already invited you to continue to support us. so, without further adieu, i am presenting and i appreciate it, tiffany meyer is here representing target today. >> tiffany? >> thank you. good morning, everyone, i am
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both privileged and honored to be a part of this annual celebration. and recognition of apa heritage month. i just love the way that san francisco continues to celebrate its rich cultural, multicultural diversity. i am excited to say that the new storm manager for the soon to be second city target store in san francisco, this october, located on geary. and as a san francisco native i am proud to represent target and be a part of a company who has a legacy of giving back to the local communities. and even before target opens its doors, we were giving back 5 percent of our income. which today equals more than 4 million dollars a week to local communities. target is supporting several community initiatives throughout the month of may. with a common theme around celebrating our reviving asian cultural heritage and we are honored to a part of today's
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apa heritage month kick off celebration and target looks forward to the continued partnership to the city of san francisco. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. we call in the heritage, starting with the academy of art and university, president stevens? >> thank you, and thank you for including me in this wonderful event it has been a pleasure >> my grandfather started the academy in 1929, he and my grandmother and they were very good friends with don kingman and sat on our board and taught at the academy and when it was in a two-room loft, they moved around quite a bit because the land lords kept uping the rent and they were in china town for
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several years in an alley over, i think ha it was lights of china restaurant. and they ran the school in china town. so, we have a strong affiliation with asian pacific americans. frankly, they set the standards of the academy art university and we welcome them with open arms because of their work ethic and their diligence. and in fact one of our alums who is sitting here in the audience, actually designs the poster and instructs for us now. do you want to say hi in an academy of art grad? [ applause ] and as you know, we are art for industry, and we are creating portfolios for students so that they can get jobs for the 21st century. and i am proud to say that asian pacific americans are leading the charge in getting those jobs for the 21 century.
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and we are, very, very proud of them as students and i am very proud to be here today. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> thank you, and mark from at&t? [ applause ] >> thank you, it is a pleasure to be here and represent at&t, this is, this is 6 or 7th year that we have been around since the beginning, i believe of supporting this important month. and we, it is very much a part of our culture and heritage as well. and whether it is owning the ocean cables that connect us with asia here into california. or whether it is upgrading our network, i really appreciated the comments about the role that they play in the arts and they like to think that they have a major role in that in bringing arts and communication to all of the residents here in san francisco. i alea